Welcome to the OLIMP company’s official website. We manufacture emergency equipment and buoyancy aids, as well as other equipment (kayak seat pads). Our offer includes sailing souvenirs too. We’ve been on the Polish market since 2005. Our clients are mainly water equipment rental places, hotels, resort hotels, guesthouses, agrotourism places – any establishment that offers kayaks, boats, pedal boats, and sailboats to rent. We also collaborate with water equipment manufacturers and sailing stores.
Our jackets have got the CE certificate issued by the Polish Register of Shipping. They are manufactured according to the new standards:
Buoyancy Aids: PN-EN ISO 12402-5:2007
Life Jackets: PN-EN ISO 12402-4:2007
Our kayak seat pads perform very well in water equipment rental places. Thanks to our kayak seat pads, life jackets and buoyancy aids stay in better condition longer if used together with the seat pads.
A frequently asked question:
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BUOYANCY AID AND A LIFE JACKET? BUOYANCY AID – recommended for people who cannot swim or if help can arrive quickly. After falling into water, it keeps the person in vertical position, which makes swimming easier. LIFE JACKET – after falling into water, it turns the person over on their back with their face upwards, and its big collar keeps the person’s head above water. This jacket is recommended for those who cannot swim or can swim a little, as well as for children. Please visit our souvenirs section. There you can find our sailing souvenirs. There is also a possibility of putting your logo, your company’s name or your phone number on our life jackets, buoyancy aids and souvenirs.
Please contact us using the contact form, via e-mail or phone. We will gladly answer any of your questions, and present you our best offer.
e-mail: pw.olimp@wp.pl mobile phone: 606 445 495 and 696 475 525